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Homemade Kulfi Recipe Video | Creamy Indian Ice Cream | Divine Taste With Anushruti

Kulfi is undoubtedly India's best sweet dessert on a stick, so beat the heat with this frozen dessert. Watch our summer special recipe and learn to make Kulfi at home with Anushruti only on Rajshri Food.

Ingredients: (This quantity gave me 12 medium sized kulfis and 5 small ones with little bowls.)

- 2 liters (8 cups) milk (preferably full cream
- 1 can condensed milk
- 1 cup milk powder
- 4 tbsp sugar (optional-use only if you want it a little more sweet)
- 1/4 nutmeg powdered
- 10 to 12 cardamom pods, powdered
- saffron (optional)
- pistachios, crushed (for garnishing)

- In a heavy bottomed pot or pan, mix in the milk, condensed milk and milk powder and cook on medium heat until the milk comes to a rolling boil, about 15 minutes.

- Once the milk comes to a boil cook on low heat for about 25 to 30 minutes, stirring in between to prevent sticking, until the mixture thickens and caramelizes and gets that lovely kulfi flavour.

- In a small bowl pour a ladle of the mixture and mix in the cardamom and nutmeg and make a smooth paste.

- Stir in the paste into the kulfi mixture. If used directly the 
cardamom forms lumps which makes it difficult to disintegrate into a homogeneous mixture.

- Allow to cool and pour into kulfi moulds. If you do not have kulfi moulds, pour into shot glasses and when the mixture is half frozen, about 30 minutes, insert a stick into it. Chill overnight or for 6 to 8 hours.

Host: Anushruti RK ( http://www.divinetaste.com )